Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Modern Proposal

This morning on Fox News, someone said that there is no way to identify the ideology of a passenger on a plane but that we should continue to identify radical Muslims as jihadist.  We currently do neither, and it's about time we did both.

Since 9/11, we continue to live the ridiculous myth that bombings in the name of Islam, can, have, and will be perpetrated by anyone other than Muslims so we must therefore screen everyone.  This is farcical, unnecessary, and we all know it to be unmitigated bullshit.  Not only does this practice perpetuate the mirage of security, but, in the end, is extremely dangerous.  The latest attempt to blow apart an American airliner is a perfect example of this.  Forget for a moment, that this young man from Nigeria purchased his one-way ticket with cash, had no luggage, or that his father had warned the authorities of his radicalism.  He should have been on anybody's no-fly list because his name is UMAR FAROUK ABDULMUTALLAB!  

Zenaphobic?  No, I'm being pragmatic.  Instead of assuming that all people are interested in, let alone capable of, blowing up Western, Christian, or Jewish things, let's assume that all Muslims are.  Then it remains their problem in clearing their individual names off of any no-fly or border crossing lists.  Although Muslims make up a large, and growing, portion of the worlds' population, their numbers are still more  manageable than an entire planets.  I have friends that are Muslim, and they would have no problem in clearing their names within minutes.  Would these friends be upset with my proposal?  Perhaps, but we can ill afford to worry about such trivialities anymore.  It's time we put an end to "politically correct."      

This practice would also push non-violent Muslims to help fight, what continues to be for many, a reluctant war against some of their own.  Let's put the onus, once and for all, where it belongs.  If the Muslim religion is so peace-loving and humanitarian, and I believe that it is, prove it.  Help us destroy this insidious cancer before it threatens to consume us all.

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