Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

As part of his 100 Jobs/1000 Miles bike ride across the State of Michigan, he's picked asparagus in Hart, shook cherry trees in Traverse City, replaced worn out sewer pipes in Detroit, and helped skiers onto the high-speed chair lift in Boyne Falls.  Last night he tossed pizzas in Midland.  For the last twenty years, Pete Hoekstra has represented the 2nd District on the west side of the state in Congress, but what he really wants to do is become our state's next governor.  And judging by his work ethic, should he be fortunate enough to win, he'll not only have earned it, he'd probably do an outstanding job.

Full disclosure; I've had my doubts about Pete Hoekstra's gubernatorial campaign.  Still do in some respects, but I no longer count him out as a bona fide candidate in a strong field of Republican candidates.  In fact, according to the latest EPIC-MRA poll conducted between 2/22-2/25, Pete's currently running first in the field of five.  What has changed my mind about giving him a second look, is his continued presence and strong performance in the polls, along with the recent endorsement by presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.  I am also proud of the fact that he follows this blog, but please don't hold that against him.    

Pete Hoekstra brings a solid background in business, as well as his many years in Congress to the table.  As the ranking member on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Pete helped restore our nation's intelligence network after 9/11 and remains an unapologetic and vigilant advocate against Islamic jihadists.  He has long defended states' rights and hopes to restore Michigan as an economic powerhouse.  If you were like me, and had previously overlooked Mr. Hoekstra, I urge you to take another look.  You can find out more about Pete Hoekstra by visiting his website at hoekstraforgovernor.com.


  1. What's exciting to me is to see how low the unfavorables are of "the Geek" in that EPIC-MRA poll. For every 1 voter who see Snyder unfavorable, 5 see him favorable....

    For Hoekstra, it's 3-to-1, favorable to unfavorable, which is still very credible, but nothing like Snyder's numbers.....

    .......Gee, I just love campaigns!!

  2. I'll take another look but can't help from thinking that with his senority he would be more effective in Congress and especially if Republicans can take back the House in November.